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Wrangler YJ Resto-Mod

This customer's 1988 Jeep Wrangler YJ is a perfect example of one of the things were specialized in, taking an old Jeep and giving it new life! We started with a Jeep that had the classic, "I was built in the '90s", with the diamond-plate bumpers and armor, small 15.0 inch wheels, old-school BFG All-Terrain tires.

Once we received this Jeep at the shop we performed a Digital Vehicle Inspection to give us and the customer a detailed list of repairs to see the condition of the Jeep. This Jeep needed some TLC! The body had rust, the engine needed to be overhauled, the brakes needed replacement. This was just some of the many repairs.

After discussing options with the customer, we decided it was time to restore the Jeep. We wanted to take this Jeep and turn it up a few notches. Instead of replacing parts with original we upgraded. Under the hood is a new GM Performance LS3 V8 engine. The tub is aluminum from Aqualu Industries. We replaced the suspension system with a 4.0 inch Rusty's Offroad.

Read more below about what parts were used.