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Wrangler TJ Restoration

We received this 1998 Jeep Wrangler from a customer after being in a front-end collision. The frame, hood, fenders, fender flares and grill needed replacement. Both airbags deployed. The control arms were bent. During the repairs we replaced any necessary parts and performed a tune-up on the engine.

Now we wanted to take this Jeep up a notch with a few mods! We upgraded the suspension from stock to a 2.0 inch Old Man Emu suspension system. We ditched the 20-year-old stock wheels and tires for a set of Mickey Thompson wheels and tires. The old soft top warn out and torn. So we replaced with a new Bestop Trek Top NX, fast-back style soft top. The interior of the Jeep was bed-lined versus replacing the carpet. We even had the tub bed-lined and dyed tan to match the rest of the interior. New Bestop seats were added too.


1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Engine: 4.0L inline 6-cylinder

Transmission: AX-15 5-speed manual

Transfer case: NP231

Front axle/differential: Dana 30

Rear axle/differential: Dana 35

Suspension: 2.0 inch Old Man Emu

Steering: ZJ tie rod, Old Man Emu steering stabilizer

Tires: 32x11.50R15 Mickey Thompson ATZP3

Wheels: 15x8 Mickey Thompson Classic III

Misc: Bestop Trek Top NX, Bestop Trailmax seats, American Outlaw mirrors

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