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F.A.R. 2018 - Arizona

Molly and Melvin joined the Florida Adventure Rigs for a weeklong off-roading trip out West in Arizona. Be sure to check out all of the videos from the adventure!

Day 1 of FAR 2018 at Box Canyon, Arizona:

Day 2 of FAR 2018. We trailed along Roosevelt Lake north through small communities of Tonto Basin and Punkin Center:

Day 3 of FAR 2018. Traveled on highway to Sedona, then made our way to Broken Arrow Trail. The views are incredible with the elevation of 3,000 feet:

Day 4 of FAR 2018. On this day we followed a short piece of the Great Western Trail from Jerome and then ran Smiley Rock Trail:

Day 5 of FAR 2018. For the final day of this adventure we took the back way to Crown King and ended near Lake Pleasant:

Click the picture below to the Four Wheeler article:

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